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When you store your camper or caravan, we advise you to leave the toilet blade open. This will prevent the blade seal from drying out. Also, it is best to unscrew the pour out spout cap as this will also ventilate the waste-holding tank.

Always clean your waste-holding tank with Duo Tank Cleaner before storing it for longer periods. This will extend its product life.

To prevent waste-holding tank leakage, always keep rubber seals smooth and lubricated liberally spray with a non petrochemical spray over the rubbers and valve of the waste tank.

The flush-water tank should be emptied prior to any extended period of inactivity eg winter storage.

To prevent waste-holding tank leakage, always keep the rubber seals smooth and lubricated by regularly using Thetford Seal Lubricant. Spray the seals and valves liberally with the Thetford Seal Lubricant. Please note: unlike household silicone sprays, this spray is specially developed for Thetford toilets and plastic parts, and therefore absolutely safe to use.

Testing & Replacing Seal On Your Waste Holding Tank

A step by step from our in house service guru on how to test your cassette toilet waste holding tank for leakages and replacing the seal to have you ready to get back your holidays.

Thetford offers a pleasantly-scented toilet fluid for the flush-water tank and a variety of waste-holding tank products. Aqua Rinse Plus keeps the flush water fresh, ensures a smooth flush and leaves a protective layer. All products for the waste-holding tank suppress unpleasant odours, stimulate the breakdown of waste, reduce the formation of gas, protect moving parts and help keep your waste-holding tank fresh and clean. For the differences between the distinguishing qualities of each waste-holding tank product go to Products/Care, cleaning & maintenance on this website.

How To Keep Clean Your Porta Potti.

Identify what the error code is?

Error Code 6: 12V DC Out Of Range

Error Code 8 or 10: AC Heater Problem

Fridge Light Error

Fridge Error 3: Gas Not Lighting