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THETFORD Seat For Raiser For C200 Series Cassette Toilet Models Only

Thetford Seat Raiser C200

Elderly individuals, taller users, and people with limited mobility can struggle to access the Cassette Toilet C200 from Thetford. Fortunately, we stock a seat raiser for the C200 that improves the sitting down and standing up experience, enhancing comfort and accessibility. This seat raiser effortlessly raises the seat height of a C200 cassette toilet by approximately 7cm, providing a convenient and ergonomic solution. It seamlessly integrates with your existing C200 cassette toilet for a cohesive and visually pleasing look. You can easily attach the seat and cover to the seat raiser, streamlining the installation process and allowing for improved comfort, convenience, and accessibility.


  • Seat raiser makes it easier to sit down and stand up
  • Raises the seat height approx. 7 cm
  • Same colour and same quality as the original Thetford toilet
  • Perfectly fits the original Thetford C200 cassette toilet
  • Easy to install on all Thetford C200 Cassette toilets
  • Easy to attach the seat and cover to the seat raiser.
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