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Also available in Black

Service Door 4

Introducing the Service Door 4 from Thetford Australia, a fantastic solution for your access needs. Made using the highest quality UV-resistant materials, this door guarantees long-lasting durability and protection against harsh outdoor conditions. It ensures optimal insulation with its double-seal design, preventing unwanted drafts and maintaining an ideal environment inside. Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical installation, this versatile and easy-to-install door can adapt to your needs effortlessly. It also features a convenient push button, allowing you to securely close the door with ease. Choose from the classic shades of white or black to complement any space.

Why Choose the Thetford Service Door 4

  • UV resistant
  • The double seal ensures optimum insulation
  • Offers horizontal or vertical installation
  • Push button allows doors to be closed securely
  • Easy installation
  • Available in black

Door for gas cylinders generators and barbecue

Main dimensions (h x w)

700 x 395 mm

Door/opening dimensions (h x w)

630 x 330 mm

Cut-out dimensions (h x w)

648 x 348 mm

Possible wall thickness

23 – 39 mm

Lock holders / buttons

2 locks

Rain diverter

Yes (3 sides)


User Manual-Service Door 4
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