Service Doors

Product Number: 2680527

$120.00 Inc GST

Also available in White

Service Door 3

If you’re looking for the ultimate solution for your outdoor storage needs, the Service Door 3 from Thetford Australia is a great choice. Crafted with UV-resistant materials, this service door is built to withstand the harshest elements while retaining its vibrant color. Its double-seal design guarantees optimum insulation, keeping your interiors safe from temperature fluctuations. With the flexibility of horizontal or vertical installation, you can adapt the door to fit your specific requirements. The push button closure system also ensures a secure shut, providing peace of mind wherever you go, plus with its easy installation process, setting up the Thetford Service Door 3 is a breeze.

 Why Choose the Thetford Service Door 3?

  • UV resistant
  • Double seal ensures optimum insulation
  • Offers horizontal or vertical installation
  • Push button allows doors to be closed securely
  • Easy installation
  • Available in White
User Manual- Service Door 3
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