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Waste Tank Product Sachets Online

Do you find it difficult and disgusting to empty waste holding tanks? Fortunately, Thetford Australia can make things simpler with our range of water-soluble waste tank product sachets online. These completely dissolve in water, liquefying waste for easier emptying and also reducing gas build-up. These sachets are septic tank safe and offer superior odour control with biological action. We’re confident that Thetford Aqua KEM sachets will deliver amazing results and help make the process much more tolerable.

An Effective & Easy Way to Empty Tanks

Thetford Aqua KEM sachets are very easy to use. All you need to do is dose 1 sachet per 20 litres of waste-holding tank capacity and add two to three litres of water. The sachet will dissolve, liquefying the waste and providing outstanding odour control. One dose is effective for up to five days, which means a pack of 12 or 15 can do you for at least two months at a reasonable price.

We’ve got multiple options to choose from depending on what colour and scent you prefer, including:

  • Thetford Aqua KEM Green– A pack of 12 convenient sachets that are septic tank safe and leave behind a lovely citrus fruits scent.
  • Thetford Aqua KEM Blue– A pack of 15 concentrated sachets for fresh and easy emptying of waste-holding tanks. They’re suitable for winter camping and offer excellent odour control.

We’ve got no doubt you’ll be satisfied by the results of our water-soluble sachets.

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Thetford Australia is a leading supplier of waste tank product sachets online for a fresh and easy way to empty waste holding tanks. Add one or more items to your cart and place an order via our convenient online check out system today. Alternatively, you can contact us or find your nearest dealer and service centre.

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