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Powerful Waste Holding Tank Products for Sale

Do you have a waste holding tank to contain liquid waste when sewerage and septic services aren’t available? You’ll need to empty and clean these tanks on a regular basis, which you can do with ease with the highly effective waste holding tank products for sale at Thetford Australia. You can keep your Porta Pottis and cassette toilets in good working condition using these safe yet powerful concentrated fluids.

Excellent Results in Small & Convenient Bottles

If you’re looking for cleaners that deliver excellent results, the solutions available from Thetford won’t disappoint. We’ve got the following products for you to choose from:

  • Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated – Significantly improves waste liquefaction to make it easier to empty your tank. Available in lavender, eucalyptus and pine fragrances, this formula also reduces gas build-up and offers excellent odour control.
  • Aqua Kem Green Concentrated – A 750ml bottle of septic tank safe fluid that improves waste liquefaction, reduces gas build-up, and features a citrus fruits scent, keeping your waste holding tank cleaner and fresher for longer.
  • Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated – Suitable for waste-holding tanks and grey water tanks, this periodical cleaner makes it easy to remove scale and grease deposits. Scrubbing isn’t required and technical parts inside the tank are cleaned, helping to prolong lifespan.

Furthermore, our waste holding tank products for sale come in small bottles that are made from less plastic which not only makes them more convenient, but also causes less harm to the environment.

Buy Thetford Holding Tank Products Online Today

Check out our full range of Thetford holding tank products online today. We’ve got multiple solutions for you to discover, all of which are renowned for their efficacy. We’re also just a phone call or email away if you wish to chat with us about our available products.

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