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When scale and grease deposits form in your grey water tank or unpleasant smells start coming from your drains, you may need a concentration fluid that’s been specially formulated to remove them. At Thetford Australia, we have a quality range of grey water tank products for sale that are extremely effective at rectifying these issues and keeping your grey water tank clean and functional. Whether you need a fluid for grey water tanks specifically or a duo cleaner that can also be used for waste-holding tanks, we can provide you with a solution that gets the job done to your satisfaction.

Remove Deposits, Nasty Smells & More

We’ve got multiple options to choose from for removing deposits and nasty smells from your grey water tank, keeping things fresher and cleaner for longer. Our range includes:

  • Grey Water Fresh Concentrated – A concentrated fluid in a small and convenient bottle that reduces the formation of deposits in the grey water tank and eliminates nasty smells coming from drains. Outstanding odour control coupled with effective discharging of the tank helps maintain fresher and cleaner grey water for longer.
  • Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated – A concentrated periodical cleaner suitable for both grey water tanks and waste-holding tanks, removing scale and grease deposits without the need for scrubbing. It also cleans technical parts inside the tanks to help prolong their lifespan. Available in a small and convenient bottle, it also features a pleasant citrus scent.

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If you’re looking for a shop that offers grey water tank products online at affordable prices, you’ll be impressed by what Thetford Australia has in stock. Discover our range of cleaners and order online for prompt delivery to your door, or contact us to learn more.

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