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Do you want cleaner and fresher restroom facilities while camping or travelling the open road? At Thetford Australia, we’re proud to offer quality solutions that you can use to keep toilets in good working condition by eliminating and preventing harmful contaminants and unpleasant odours. Our range of Thetford toilet care products online can help you stay well stocked with essentials such as toilet paper while also assisting with the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene.

Eliminate Contaminants & Odours

Our affordable Thetford toilet cleaning products for sale are renowned for their convenience and efficacy, allowing you to do your business and keep things sanitary at all times. We can provide you with:

  • Aqua Rinse Spray – For vehicles with a toilet that’s connected to a central water tank, Aqua Rinse Spray is a specially developed rinse solution that’s septic tank safe. Use it before or after a flush to coat the bowl with a protective layer and prevent nasty stains or smells.
  • Bathroom Cleaner – This powerful cleaning agent can safely and thoroughly remove calcium deposits from plastic surfaces in caravans and motor homes, leaving behind a lovely shine and guaranteeing good hygiene.
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner – A cleaner that removes mineral deposits from the inner side of ceramic and plastic toilet bowls, creating a protective layer and a fresh scent.
    In addition, our range includes Aqua soft toilet paper in packs of 6 200 sheet rolls. These 2 ply sheets are extremely soft and dissolve quickly, preventing clogs and damage to waste-holding tanks.
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    Thetford Australia makes it easier and more convenient than ever to buy bathroom and toilet care products that are second to none in terms of quality and efficacy. If you need more information and advice, get in touch with us today by calling (03) 9358 0700 or submitting an enquiry online.

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