Caravan Fridges for Sale

At Thetford Australia, we proudly offer quality caravan fridges for sale that can preserve perishable products for longer. Whether you’re travelling the open road or camping out under the stars in the middle of nowhere, our Thetford fridges for sale can prevent premature spoilage and wastage by keeping foods at a low temperature to extend their freshness and lifespan. We have multiple options available which allow you to bring some semblance of homely comfort and luxury along for the ride.

Choose from Absorption & Compressor Fridges

Thetford caravan fridges for sale come in the following types:

  • Absorption – Uses a heat source such as solar energy or propane fuel burner to power the cooling system, making it ideal for RVs that are off-the-grid.
  • Compressor – The most common type of refrigerator, renowned for their reliability and efficiency, available in portable models for caravan and camping use.

We stock different models of absorption and compressor camper refrigerator for sale, including various sizes to suit your specific space and needs. In addition, we can provide any spare parts you may need, including bottom and top vents, vent caps and independent flue kits.

Unparalleled Performance

Every caravan fridge freezer for sale at Thetford has been extensively tested to guarantee quality and first class performance. They’re designed to pack a punch for their size and boast an incredible range of features such as LCD/LED displays, automatic temperature control, integrated venting systems, automatic fans, energy efficient night modes, and/or reversible doors, along with a sleek and user-friendly design. They’re also AGA approved, easy to clean, and backed by 3 year warranties when installed and serviced by one of our authorised service agents.

Buy a Caravan Fridge Today

Make Thetford Australia your first choice when you want to buy a caravan fridge of the highest quality. We’re reachable via phone or online enquiry if you wish to contact us to ask questions or get advice.

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