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The caravan oven and hobs for sale at Thetford Australia allow you to cook delicious meals no matter where you are. We’ve got everything from caravan gas hobs for sale through to induction, hybrid and sink hobs. The right unit for you will depend on the size of your caravan, how many people are travelling with you, your cooking preferences, and other factors.

Our range includes:

  • 353 Series Combination Unit – A great slide-out kitchen that saves space and features a 3 burner design, split glass lid for extra work space, and left or right handed sink.
  • Argent Burner Hob – Thetford 3 burner hobs and Thetford 4 burner hobs that are easy to clean and come with enamelled burner lids and detachable pan stands.
  • Topline 169 Triangular Burner Hob – A modern, flush-mounting hob in gas, induction and dual fuel options. It offers fast cooking times and plenty of space for pans.
  • Topline 902 Induction Hob – A sleek hob with two induction hot plates, pan detection, auto heat up, child safety lock and other features.
  • Topline 922 Gas Only Hob – Surface-mounting Thetford 2 burner hobs that give you maximum flexibility to cook wherever you are.
  • Topline Hybrid Hob – Campervan gas hobs for sale and induction hobs that combine the best of both worlds in one appealing, functional and easy-to-clean unit.

Make Cooking Easy & Convenient

Our range of Thetford caravan hobs online make cooking easier and more convenient whether you’re travelling the open road or camping out in the middle of nowhere. Each and every solution we offer boasts well-designed layouts with plenty of space for any task, whether it’s cooking with different sized pans or cleaning the dishes after you’ve finished preparing your meal. In addition, every Thetford hob and grill for sale is made using well-selected materials, all of which have been thoroughly tested for maximum quality.

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Buy Thetford induction hobs, gas hobs, hybrid hobs or Thetford sink hobs online today. Alternatively, you can call us on (03) 9358 0700 or submit an enquiry online and we’ll do our best to advise and assist you.

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