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Caravan Cooking Appliances for Sale

Camping in the middle of nowhere and travelling the open road doesn’t mean you have to live rough and eat poorly. At Thetford Australia, we stock caravan cooking appliances online that enable you to cook nice food no matter where you go. There’s no need to sacrifice basic comforts like a decent meal when you have our cookers, hobs and sinks installed in your caravan. We’ve got an impressive range of caravan cooking appliances for sale, all of which are renowned for their great performance. We’re confident that our home inspired appliances will make a great addition to your caravan.

Cook Up a Storm & Stay Well Fed

Our range of Thetford caravan stoves online and other appliances gives you the ability to cook up a storm and stay well fed even when you’re miles away from civilisation. We can provide you with:

  • Combination cookers
  • Oven and grill combination units
  • Gas, induction and hybrid hobs
  • Complete kitchen sink sets

In addition to Thetford stoves online, we also stock absorption and compressor refrigerators. These are made from the best materials and components, ensuring maximum performance and reliability. All of our products are designed to be compact, functional, efficient and easy to clean. Additionally, they come with 3 year warranties when installed and serviced through an authorised service agent to put your mind at ease.

Whether you’re looking for a caravan gas stove for sale or a fridge that doesn’t require electricity to operate, we’ve got everything you need.

Order Thetford Stoves Online Today

Thetford Australia has no shortage of top quality caravan kitchen accessories for sale as well as an excellent range of camping cooking accessories for sale. Browse our selection today and make a purchase online at your convenience. You can also have a chat with us to get more advice.

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