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The Porta Potti 565 toilet fulfil the wishes of the mid and high end of the portable toilet market. The Porta Potti 565 shows added value for the end users by the new and innovative design, high quality and extra features. The position of this toilet is in the higher end of the leisure market, often oriented on a domestic use of the toilet.

Why choose the Porta Potti 565P?
thetford_tickModern design, more homelike toilet shape
thetford_tickComfortable seating height (443 mm)
thetford_tickBigger bowl size, mainly in depth and width
thetford_tickWater level indication
thetford_tickIntegrated toilet paper holder
thetford_tickCover controls (piston pump, water fill cap, water level indication)
thetford_tickUser friendly valve handle at side
thetford_tickImproved carry handle of the water tank
thetford_tickOptional hold down floor plate for fixation (e.g. boats)

Comfort Class



Luxury Large

Dimensions (hxwxd)

448 x 388 x 450mm

Seat height


Maximum Seated Load


Flushing system

Piston pump

Level indicator display for the waste-holding tank


Capacity of the Waste-holding tank

21 L

Level indicator display for the flush-water tank


Capacity of flush-water tank

15 L

Item weight

4.9 Kg

Frequently Asked Questions

The model type (e.g. PP 165 or PP 365) is printed on the toilet (front display) or on the identification label (sticker positioned on the water tank and waste-holding tank).

The toilet can be used with the blade open or closed. This is a personal choice of the user of the toilet. To open the blade, pull the blade handle as described in the user manual. Make sure that the blade is completely closed after use.

PP 565P/565E & PP 165,145,335,365,345: one time max load is 400 kg; max loading in normal use is approx 120 kg (6000 cycles).

You can use your toilet as normal in cold weather as long as the toilet is situated in a heated location. If this is not the case,
and there is a risk of frost, we advise not to use your toilet. Make sure you completely drain the toilet. Then empty the waste-holding tank and the flush-water tank before putting into storage.

Tips To Common Questions

  1. Empty the flush-water tank.
  2. Flush the toilet until no more water is being pumped out.
  3. Empty the waste-holding tank.
  4. Thoroughly clean and dry the whole toilet.
  5. Open the blade and loosen the cap of the pour out spout to ventilate the waste-holding tank.
  6. Loosen the water fill cap to ventilate the flush-water tank.

We recommend maintaining your toilet before putting it into storage.

User Manual
Porta Potti 565
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