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Product Number: 30216ZKSP

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Category: Water tank solutions.

Toilet bowl spray, specially developed for vehicles with a toilet connected to the central water tank

Rinse solution for use in vehicles with a toilet connected to the central water tank (toilet without integrated flush-water tank) like motor homes. The Rinse solution offers the same benefits as our Aqua Rinse Plus: Pink power for effective flushing and a fresh smelling toilet bowl. Specifically developed formula to use as a spray.

Why Use Aqua Rinse Spray?

  • Septic tank safe (Test ISO 11734)
  • Coats the toilet bowl with a protective layer for a smoother flush
  • Prevents staining
  • Smells fresh long after spraying
  • Saves water as fewer flushes are required

Frequently Asked Questions

Spray the inside of the toilet bowl with Aqua Rinse Spray after or before flushing the toilet

There are two main differences between the Aqua Rinse spray and the concentrated.

  1. The spray is not concentrated so you will not need to be mixed with water before been used in the toilet bowl.
  2. The spray is designed to be sprayed in the bowl of toilets that are connected to the central water line and don’t have a separate flush water tanks.
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