Product Number: SBL1054Z

Available in stainless steel finish as well.

The Enamelled Kitchen Centre is the latest addition to the Thetford sink family. This modern, high quality sink comes with a black glass lid, plastic wash bowl, chopping board, draining board and draining rack.

Why choose the Enamelled Kitchen Centre?

To compliment black glass cookware

Product contents:

Wash bowl
Chopping board
Removable lid rack
Waste water drain (siphon)

Weight 3 kg
Overall Dimensions ( H x W x D)

153 x 360 x 470 mm

Worktop cut out Dimensions ( W x D)

335 x 430 mm

Inside bowl dimensions (H x W x D)

99 x 290 x 368 mm

Sink capacity

11 L

Net weight

5.8 Kg


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