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Aqua Rinse Spray – 500ML

Aqua Rinse Spray – 500ML is the perfect solution for vehicles equipped with a toilet connected to the central water tank. This toilet bowl spray is designed to enhance your bathroom experience on the road.

Aqua Rinse Spray offers the same exceptional benefits as our popular Aqua Rinse Concentrate, maintaining a fresh and pleasant fragrance in the toilet bowl. Its specially formulated spray is easy to use and ensures optimal coverage. It’s also septic tank safe, tested and certified by ISO 11734. It works by coating the toilet bowl with a protective layer, promoting smoother flushes and preventing stains with its non-staining dye. Even after spraying, the refreshing scent lingers, creating a more pleasant environment.

Why Use Aqua Rinse Spray?

thetford_tickSeptic tank safe (Test ISO 11734)
thetford_tickCoats the toilet bowl with a protective layer for a smoother flush
thetford_tickPrevents staining with non-staining dye
thetford_tickSmells fresh long after spraying
thetford_tickSaves water as fewer flushes are required


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