Why Doesn’t My Pan Work On My Induction Hob?


My induction hob does not heat up my pan. What could be the reason?

If your pan is not working on the induction hob – here are 4 checkpoints to check to help determine if your pan is right for the hob.


  1. Material

    – Check with a magnet if the bottom of the pan is ferromagnetic
    – Make sure the magnet does not come off easily; low magnetic strength can’t handle heat transfer

  2. Shape

    – Make sure the bottom of the pan is completely flat
    – Check if the bottom stays flat while cooking; too thin material might lose shape when heating.

  3. Size

    – Look if the bottom of the pan matches the induction hob; too small might not be recognized,
    too big might lead to overheating

  4. Damages

    – Check the cooktop for scratches or damages; any damage could lead to improper detection

If the material, shape, and sizes of the pan are perfect, and there are no damages, it is recommended you check other suitable induction pans on the hob.
Unfortunately, this specific pan is not compatible with this induction hob, you will need to try other pans. If no pans work on the Induction Hob, there might be a technical issue with the hob.
In this instance, you will need to contact a local Thetford Service Agent, which you can find here.

Find A Thetford Dealer or Service Agent: https://www.thetford.com.au/store-locator