Thetford proudly introduces the Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated, another member of the concentrated family

Prolonged lifecycle and no more nasty smells

Are you regularly using waste-holding tank and grey water tank additives, but after a while you still experience nasty smells?  Are the level indicators in the grey water tank or waste-holding tank malfunctioning or are the blade valve mechanisms and vent buttons getting blocked and difficult to open? Norbert van Noesel, Marketing Manager at Thetford: ‘This is easy to explain, because both grey water and black water cause a build-up of scale, encrusting and grease deposits. Malfunctioning of the technical parts in the tanks and unpleasant smells can be a result of this and this cannot be solved by the regular waste-holding tank product and grey water tank product. Then it is time for a thorough cleaning!’ Thetford’s Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated is the solution. This maintenance product will remove scale, encrusting and grease deposits, prolong the lifecycle of your tanks and ensures you will not experience nasty smells from your tanks.

Concentrated family

The new Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated follows the concentrated approach, having the concentrated liquid in the typical small bottle. Van Noesel: ’This new product has been specially developed to clean both the grey water tank and the waste-holding tank. Compared to the existing, well appreciated Cassette Tank Cleaner, Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated offers even better limescale removal and dissolving of grease deposits. When introducing Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated, the Cassette Tank Cleaner (which was only to be used for the waste-holding tank) will be removed from the portfolio.

Dosing the right amount of liquid is key

As is the case with all additives, dosing the right amount is key. Regarding the Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated, you need to remember that the dosing for your big grey water tank is different from the dosing for your waste-holding tank.
For the waste-holding tank, add 1 dosage of 200 ml Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated to the empty tank, add 5 liters of lukewarm water and shake the tank vigorously several times. Carefully vent the internal pressure before opening the blade. It is suggested to drive with your vehicle when Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated is added into the waste-holding tank, because it improves the cleaning performance. When you empty your waste-holding tank after 16 hours, scale, encrusting, grease deposits and nasty smells will be gone. A clean and fresh smelling tank is the result.

For the grey water tank, add 1 dosage of 600 ml to the empty grey water tank via the sink or shower drain, add 50 liters of lukewarm water, and drive around with your RV for at least 1 hour. When you empty your grey water tank after 16 hours, scale, encrusting, grease deposits and nasty smells will be gone. A clean and fresh smelling tank is the result.
an Noesel: ‘So, 1 bottle of Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated of 800 ml contains either 4 dosages for the waste-holding tank, or 1 dosage for the grey water tank plus 1 dosage for the waste-holding tank.’

For best results, use Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated 2 to 3 times a year. Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated will be available for you from season 2021! All Thetford products are available worldwide through local dealers. Do you want to find the nearest? Please visit the dealer locator on