The purpose of both additives is the same, but the Aqua Kem Green is more environmentally conscious. Aqua Kem Green is a toilet fluid with biological action and can be safely emptied into a septic tank (Test ISO 11734). Aqua Kem Green lasts appr. 4 days with average use.

Aqua Kem Blue is our best selling and known product and has a more powerful performance, therefore it lasts 4 to 5 days with average use. Next to that also the perfume varies, AKB is pine scented ,AKBCL which has a Lavender scented, AKBCE which is Eucalyptus scented and AKG which is citrus fruits scented.

As AKB is the world’s best selling toilet fluid and the performance is the best in the market, we protect our formulation and cannot give details about our ingredients. However, we can guarantee you that we do NOT use formaldehyde in our products.

Empty the waste holding tank exclusively at designated locations at camping sites, yacht basins etc. The tank can also be emptied in a normal household sewage system. Aqua Kem Green and Aqua Rinse Plus can be emptied in a Septic Tank as well.

Don’t empty the tank in nature and do not empty AKB or AKBS in a SepticTank as it will kill the bacteria in there.

Aqua Rinse Plus can only be used in an integrated flush water tank. The formulation is not suitable for a Spray bottle, so please do not pour it over.

We are really proud to introduce a new product that IS suitable for toilets with a central water tank connection… 

The formulation, way of use, packaging… Rinse Spray is developed or use in a spray bottle and uses some special ingredients, like an on-staining dye and a secret ingredient that sticks to the bowl to create a smoother flush. The Rinse Spray can be used as an air freshener as well (in the toilet), so we added some extra fragrance.

The Rinse Plus is developed to be mixed with the flush water and it actually changes the density of the water, to make the flush smoother. Next to that, the Rinse Plus has different ingredients to conserve the flush water in the tank, which is not necessary for the Rinse Spray.

Black deposits in the flush water tank is a type of mold which develop in the flush-water tank after a period of non use (winter storage) as the flush water tank is a closed compartment. For thorough cleaning of the flush-water tank of mobile toilets, we recommend our customers use of ordinary Milton cleansing fluid.

Dose 50 ml Milton mix (Aqua Rinse) with 15 litres of water. Leave the water/Milton mix for about 24-48 hours. Empty the tank by flushing or by emptying through the water fill gap. Rinse the tank thoroughly with clean water before normal use and use of Aqua Rinse

The development of the black deposits are not related to the use of Thetford products. Use the Thetford products as you are used to, follow the dosage on the label, and clean your tank before the season/start of use according to the detailed cleaning instructions on the website.

Most of our toilet bowls are made of plastic, so be really careful with cleaning them as they might get damaged. We recommend using our Thetford Toilet Bowl Cleaner that has been specially designed to serve this purpose.

Thetford Aqua Soft toilet paper is a super-soft toilet paper which is specially developed for mobile toilets. It quickly dissolves and prevents clogging which prevents damage to the moving parts in your waste-holding tank. It also makes the waste-holding tank easier to empty. So yes, you do need special toilet paper.

Toilet Care 

All our products have a shelf life of 3 years from manufacture, after this ‘best before date’ the additive may still be used, but there may be a reduction in performance.

You can find the best before date printed on the bottle.

The performance of domestic products cannot be compared to Thetford waste-holding tank products which are specially developed for this purpose. Next to that, household products can and will damage the plastic, seals and moving parts of the toilet.

The model type (e.g. PP Qube 165 or PP Qube 365) is printed on the toilet (front display) or on the identification label (sticker positioned on the water tank and waste-holding tank).

The toilet can be used with the blade open or closed. This is a personal choice of the user of the toilet. To open the blade, pull the blade handle as described in the user manual. Make sure that the blade is completely closed after use.

All portable toilets don’t require a connection to a drainage or water system. Therefore the Porta Potti Qube and Excellence are a perfect solution for those situations.

Often a consumer is not aware of the use of the vent button. The vent button should be used while emptying the waste holding tank. To empty the tank without splashing, press and hold the vent button with your thumb while the pour out spout is pointing downwards.

PP Excellence/PP Qube: one time max load is 400 kg; max loading in normal use is approx 120 kg (6000 cycles).

The first possible reason could be a damaged or worn-out lipseal. The lipseal can easily be replaced. See the instructions on how to replace the lipseal (art.no: 07101) in the help and support page(hyperlink to section).