Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy is driven by the following basic principles:

  • Sustainable development (production without causing unacceptable harmful ecological impact).
  • Prevention (avoid potential problems instead of fixing them).
  • Communication and co-operation (with customers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, suppliers and other stakeholders).
  • Life cycle approach (from raw materials, to manufacturing, to use and disposal of our products).

We continuously optimize the environmental performance of our products and activities, taking into account the technical and economical viability of the underlying objectives:

  • We strive to reduce use of water and energy in the manufacturing process, to reduce emissions to air and water, and to limit the amount of waste.
  • We strive to reduce, and if possible eliminate, environmentally hazardous substances from our products.
  • We strive to make life cycle assessment studies an integral part of the product development process.
  • We maintain an environmental management system as a part of our ISO 9001:2015 certified management system, audited by means of a systematic, documented verification process to ensure continuous improvement.
  • We commit ourselves to complying with all applicable laws, directives and regulations.
  • We communicate our environmental policy to our employees and other interested parties, and publish the results of our environmental activities in environmental reports.
  • We educate our employees to work within the boundaries defined by the Thetford environmental policy.