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Septic Tank Safe
Septic Tanl Safe Additives
Porta Potti
Cassette Toilets
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thetford refridgerator
Septic Tank Safe
Septic Tanl Safe Additives
Porta Potti
Cassette Toilets
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Toilet Care Products
Kitchen & Cooking Appliances

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Caravan Supplies in Australia

Comfort for Adventurers

Thetford Australia is a market leader in caravan supplies, offering mobile sanitation, refrigeration and cooking appliances for the camping and RV market.

We have a passion for all things involving camping, travel, leisure, and adventure. As much as possible, we want to help our fellow explorers enjoy what the world has to offer without sacrificing convenience.

Our high-quality, innovative caravan and camping supplies give our customers the ability to enjoy the comforts of home on the road – because your journey is our journey.

Thetford manufactures the best quality caravan supplies for adventurers in New Zealand and Australia. All of our products are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to go the distance wherever you may find yourself on your next adventure.

Aside from our location in Australia, we also have international offices around the globe in America, Europe, and China, providing top-class camping supplies to travellers everywhere.

Caravan Supplies Australia

Designed for your next adventure

We produce top-quality caravan supplies including sanitation products, refrigerators, as well as cooking and kitchen appliances. All products are designed to suit any caravan or motorhome and undergo rigorous military grate testing to ensure that they are ideal for camping purposes and Australian off-road conditions.

As the inventor of the Porta Potti and cassette toilet, innovation is in our DNA and world-class customer service is our mantra.

Whether you find yourself totally off the grid or parked in a beautiful powered site, you can rest assured that our caravan and camping accessories will be up to the task.

In the sanitation category, we have the perfect solution: the world-renowned Porta Potti. With a wide range of Porta Pottis available in different sizes and with various features, we’re sure to have something for you. From compact products to the larger models such as the Porta Potti 500 series, we have products that can suit all kinds of caravans.

To help you keep your toilet functional, we have a number of toilet care products that can help you manage wastewater, greywater, and rinse water. Our caravan accessories come in compact, convenient and concentrated packages, helping you save space without compromising on the quality or performance of the products.

We also offer a range of maintenance products, including caravan toilet chemicals, toilet sachets, plastic cleaners, and fast soluble toilet paper specifically designed for your Thetford toilet system.

If refrigeration is what you’re looking for, Thetford has a range of 12V compressor caravan fridges, perfect for keeping drinks cold and ice blocks frozen even in the warmest and most challenging of environments. With the premium refrigerators from our authorised dealers, you can get the comfort of home along with the size and cooling power that you might need wherever you might be on the grid.

If being off the grid is more your style, we have powerful absorption models that feature three-way power sourcing technology packed into a convenient size for your caravan and motorhome.

Our caravan accessories shop has everything you need for your next adventure. Our service agents are always happy to provide advice or recommendations on our available caravan and RV refrigerators in New Zealand and Australia.

Our range of caravan and camping supplies include quality cooking and kitchen appliances for those who fancy themselves as more of a gourmet traveller. We offer a number of different size options to cater to your personal requirements.

For instance, the Thetford cooker range boasts reliability and ease of use. The K1520 combination cookers feature a cooktop, grill, and oven and are available as both dual fuel and gas-only models. This cooker will help you create gourmet meals with ease and style. If space is a concern, we also offer separate caravan cooktop oven and grill options in the K1540 range, allowing you to have the best of both worlds without compromise.

Looking for a hob? We have a range of options available online in our Topline series, featuring induction, gas and combination options. With so many products available, you can be confident that we’ll have the perfect product to suit your caravan’s specifications as well as your personal style and tastes.

A clean and organised kitchen is always important whenever you’re travelling. If you’re looking to keep your cooking space hygienic, we have just what you need with our range of sinks and kitchen centres. This includes left and right-hand drain options for both our Argent Sinks and 353 Combination units. If round is more your style, we have that too. Whatever your configuration may be, we’re sure to have a product for you.

The sun can take a toll on the exterior of any caravan or motorhome. This is why we place an emphasis on quality and longevity when it comes to our exterior products.

Our range of exterior caravan accessories includes service doors available in white and black and in a number of different sizes. These boast superior UV resistance, double seals to ensure optimum insulation, and special push button locks to allow the door to be closed securely. With Thetford products, you can’t go wrong.

Whether you’re after caravan fridge freezersinduction cooktops or portable toilets for camping, Thetford has got you covered.

Caravan Portable Toilet

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